Looking for a bike fit in Manchester or Cheshire?


Whether you are just starting out on your new found passion, a seasoned club rider or at race level,
you’ll need to be properly fitted to your bike.

Having a professional bike fit can help eliminate many of the aches and pains related to
poor posture and positioning on the bike.

Due to the repetitive nature of cycling, even the smallest adjustment can mean
so much more comfort and power when riding.

The Bike Fitters* offer a personal bike fitting service in the comfort of your own home or office.

*previously RYD CC

The Full Bike Fit + ID Match Laser-Guided Cleat Fit


We come to you!!!


  • Initial consultation and pre – fit questionnaire
  • Full biomechanical assessment
  • Sit bone measurement and saddle fitting
  • Cleat alignment including forefoot offset using the idMatch Cleat Fit System which includes:
  • Full setup of cleats and shoes (first pair of shoes included, additional pairs are £10 per pair)
  • Precise measurements of each foot including length of foot, Metatarsal length and foot width
  • Measurement of forefoot offset
  • Use of laser guided jig with cleat stencil to perfectly align cleats
  • Observation of current riding position (on static trainer)
  • Saddle height adjustment
  • Saddle fore & aft position adjustment
  • Leg alignment & knee position adjustment
  • Stem position and measurement



Price £50 each

These can be adjusted after the initial fitting for the same rider and same type of bike, for example two or more road bikes. Different types of bike can be fitted during the same fitting but will incur additional charges, ie mountain bikes & TT/triathlon bikes. Please enquire for more details.

We offer 10% discount for 2 or more bike fits at the same time and location ( e.g. for husband and wife / cycling buddies).

Please note: A £50 fee is charged for any missed appointments which have been confirmed


Price £10 per pair

These can be adjusted after the initial fitting for the same rider

Had a bike fit from Simon recently. He was very particular with his measurements and angles resulting in a new and stronger riding position which had given me some PB’s on recent rides. I would highly recommend this service.

Paul Benson

I had a bike fit on my new bike by Simon, and today I had my first big ride. He has set it up so that I’m as comfortable as possible but still allowing me to get the most efficient power possible! Amazing! Would definitely recommend to anyone!

Wai Lee

Total fab bloke, and he knows his shizzle! If you want an injury/numb free riding style, so all you have to worry about it chasing down the guy at the front… just call this guy! Nuff said.

Earl John Paul Venner-Woodbridge


Glide Effortlessly: Improved Comfort & Efficiency
Power Up: Maximize Your Output, Minimize Fatigue
No More Groans: Alleviate Nagging Aches
Get Aero: Breathe Better & Slice Through Wind
Tackle Terrain: Master Climbing Efficiency
Safety First: Prevent Injuries Before They Happen

Bike Fitter extraordinaire!

Simon brings a wealth of knowledge into a currently unregulated industry.

His passion and enthusiasm comes through as soon as he gets his hands on a bike!

He’s also a very experienced rider, has ridden and raced under an elite federation racing licence in the heat of the UAE but these days likes ticking away the miles with his cycling buddies.

Simon has trained with FIVE different bike fitting systems which makes his experience and education truly exceptional within the bike fitting industry.

He lives and breathes cycling (ask his wife!)

So you’re reading this and probably curious as to why anyone would benefit from having a professional bike fit.

These are some of the most common complaints which cyclists can suffer from, many of which are a direct result of the bike set up.

Do any of these sound familiar?

If any of the above are complaints which you have been struggling with, then having a bike fit really would make a huge difference in your comfort on your bike and also in your performance.

If you would like to book an appointment simply fill in the booking form on the site.

Once we have reviewed your information we will be in touch to arrange a suitable time to visit you.