Level 3 bike fitting – £350


With full body screening, 6 week training program and ride.

Approximately 5-6 Hours in total (details below)


RYD CC are pleased to have teamed up with renowned personal trainer and osteopath, Wes Tubb, to offer you the most comprehensive bike fitting experience on the market.

Your level 3 bike fitting will take place in 3 parts. The first part will be a personal visit by professional bike fitter, Simon Foy. During this visit at your home or office the following steps will take place…

  • Initial consultation and pre – fit questionnaire
  • Physical assessment including flexibility and stability tests
  • Observation of current riding position (on static trainer)
  • Saddle height adjustment
  • Saddle fore & aft position adjustment
  • Leg alignment & knee position adjustment
  • Stem position and measurement with virtual stem
  • Cleat alignment including forefoot offset using the idMatch Cleat Fit System which includes:
    • Full setup of cleats and shoes
    • Precise measurements of each foot including length of foot, Metatarsal length and foot width
    • Measurement of forefoot offset
    • Use of laser guided jig with cleat stencil to perfectly align cleats

Having completed the fitting which normally takes between 1.5 – 2 hours, Simon will join you on a 1.5 – 2 hour ride where test saddles and stems may be tried and on the road feedback observed and given. 

Additional bikes (of the same type) may also be adjusted at this point to the same fitting measurements.


The second and third part will be with our personal trainer & osteopath, Wes Tubb, and will involve a visit to his studio in Cheadle Hulme for a comprehensive movement screening. The “Off The Bike” Movement Screen is a cycling-specific screening tool that is used to identify any kind of imbalances in joint stability or mobility that could be affecting an individual’s cycling performance and/or the cause of any pain or discomfort.

The screen consists of several specifically designed movement patterns that are designed to identify musculoskeletal weaknesses and imbalances. These will be evident when mobility and joint control cannot be fully utilised throughout the specific movements.


Wes will then use this information to design a proactive, functional, gym-based training approach that is aimed at reducing the chance of injuries through improved musculoskeletal efficiency. These adjustments will transfer to improved cycling performance.

At RYD CC our “Off The Bike” Movement Screen package consists of an initial 60 minute consultation and movement screen session. Following this, and using the information gained from the movement screen we will develop a 6-week training plan that will be aimed at reducing any weaknesses highlighted. Once the program has been developed you will meet with Wes again for another 60 minute training session. During this session he will talk you through the training plan and ensure you are confident in how to perform all the prescribed exercises safely.

If you have already had a bike fitting and have interest in having an “Off The Bike” movement screen, you can contact Wes Tubb HERE.